Are you a music enthusiast and want something new? Catching up music tracks on social media. Listeners are streaming on Spotify and YouTube platforms to find amazing 8D audio songs, giving them a similar move to the artists they usually see during live concerts. 

Since pandemic caused live tours postponed, artists are performing virtual concerts. Have you heard virtual concert in 8D sound? Want to know how 8D audio really works? Would it be a proper alternative for music events? In this article, we will take a deeper understanding how this might be possible.

The 8D audio system that uses powerful audio effects is giving a feel that sound is coming from around your head, tricks the brain as sound is coming from anywhere in three-dimensional (3D) space. Perceiving not only that the audio is coming from the front or behind the listener but coming from outside of ears.

“8D audio full sound experience does not mean eight dimensions or eight directions. This sound experience gives the feeling of being in the middle of an empty space where the audio comes from all sources and directions.”

8D Audio technology is a 360° surround effect used by headphones. It is all about using the music power of the left and right speakers on your headphones to make the music more entertaining and feels sitting in a live concert. Everyone would agree that listening to one's favorite artist perform live is an experience that cannot compare to listening music on speakers. 

Music lovers indeed are aware of the significant role could music events bring, watching and listening to live music is good for the health. Researchers have found that watching live music can decrease stress hormones levels. It is also said that experiencing live music can help to live a longer and happier life.


One of a very special virtual concert mastered in 8D sound was amazingly performed by Miley Cyrus in collaboration with Magnum Ice Cream. The immersive 8D sound technology creates the sensation that Miley is live in a room with viewers and listeners. Add headphones and suddenly feel the full 8D sound experience and hear the music all around you.

Similarly, popular songs are available with 8D sounds to artists like Billie Eilish, proving popular. It is like she is right next to you, or she moves all around. Listeners feel the great sound and boost a cool mood.

8D audio may be an alternative for a live music event. The best examples of 8D audio can:

  • Revitalize the emotional and psychological response
  • Engaging the listener into an experience like in a live performance

It creates the illusion of sound coming from outside your headphones as a live music events experience. We cannot deny the fact that 8D audio could be an excellent temporary option during a pandemic.