Why 8D, 9D, 12D Audio?

8D audio together with the other audio variations has additional effects to the sound to give the sensation that the thrill of music is going around the listener. This done through added reverb, which creates the illusion that sound played in a large space with speakers. The sound moves from left to right because of the stereo panning done to it.

The idea of 8D audio is based on the use of two simple recording effects and it significantly overplays the degree of manipulating the music. Also, the degree of reverb used makes the music far different than the original. It sounds like listening to a music in the middle of a large room or theatre and rotating around the listener.

It recommended to wear headphones for the effects to be more perceptible. It is like transporting the listener to another music dimension or space. The new level quite feels the song played inside brain and swinging around the listener’s head.

Listen to 8D audio version on YouTube, most best songs has it. Here are some favorite songs in 8D. You can all find them on YouTube and
Spotify, just type 8D audio in the search bar. Song and videos come up, do not forget to use earphones.


8D Audio Samples

Videos and songs that have gone viral on YouTube.

Top 3 best 8D songs:

1. Imagine Dragons by Believer

2. Faded by Alan Walker

3. Ilomilo by Billie Eilish

Popular videos are also racking up millions of views.

More 8D audio


Hear and experience with speaker sources:

1. Through Fixed-Speaker Sources

Using either stereo or ambisonic recordings and delivered the sound experience using eight fixed-speaker sources. 8D audio works with speakers. However, this is not the best way to enjoy it.

2. Through Virtual-Speaker Sources 

Decent headphones and virtual surround sound works amazingly well.

3. Through Headphone Sources

The true value of 8D sound comes with the use of headphones and not speakers.


You can find your favorite songs in 8D audio format on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud. Enjoy listening!