What is spatial audio?

Spatial audio is a 360-degree audio format that recreates a surround effect through a pair of earbuds or a headphone. It is an effect that gives the impression of sound coming from three dimensions. 

By adjusting the frequencies and using these filters, this allows the listener to track the head and device movements to position the sound more effectively.

Spatial audio effectively recreates a theatre style experience, where sounds are coming from all directions-front, behind, the side, even above the listener’s head. It defines an array of sound playback technologies creating a sound in 360 degrees around a listener without the need for multiple speaker setup.

“Spatial audio enables the listener to hear the sounds anywhere in a 3D space.”

Sound can come from any location in a sphere. It takes two ways.

1. Binaural sound effect

For devices with only 2-channels, used in headphones or earphones for spatial audio playback.

2. Object-based

It is where the audio delivers optimum results depending on the listening device (i.e. headphones, computer, home theater etc.).

Best spatial audio tracks to listen to are on Apple Music and on YouTube. These spatial audio tracks from Apple Music and YouTube will take you to new melodic heights with their distinctive 3D audio reproduction.




Is spatial audio better than stereo?

Spatial audio or 3D audio is emerging as the next revolutionary stage in sound. This will give the listener a deeper appreciation for the immersive qualities of spatial audio.

Spatialize stereo allows the listener to play a non-Dolby Atmos audio and turn it into an amazing three-dimensional sound than a standard stereo that played equally on your earbuds.


Binaural Audio

Binaural audio has been around for decades. It is recorded using two microphones to create a three-dimensional soundscape. The concept is to reproduce a realistic audio experience and tricks brain into feeling that the listener is immersed directly in the scene.


Short Review

Spatial Audio is also known as 3D Audio or Binaural Recording, where sounds are placed all around listener.

Hope this article is well worth reading.