8D audio is bringing great excitement among users, who discover the benefits, fully immersed when listening to music or sound effects. What 8D music is and how it tricks your brain?


Concerning 8D audio

8D audio or 8D music is a type of sound that produces an immersive sound experience that gives the impression into thinking that the sound is coming from different directions. This audio is claimed to be a new type of music technology developed by Pentatonix known as 8D music.

When you listen to 8D music, the sound seems to be coming from different directions at different times, and this gives you a different, dynamic, and impressive feeling when you experience it for the first time. Listening to 8D sound with headphones creates the feeling that you are in a concert hall, the sound which reaches one ear before the other depending on where you are.

To get this, you only need two audio channels or a headphone which signal is distributed that tricks the brain into thinking of a 360º sound sensation experience.

To enjoy this type of audio, the sound always comes from the headphones.
It is necessary since the surround sound effect cannot be
appreciated with loudspeakers.

Music can arouse a wide range of emotions, and this 8D audio technology offers the sensation that the music is floating around you and that it is coming from outside, and not from a headphone.


Some examples of 8D music and 8D audio

You can access 8D audio content that completely free of charge on music streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify. These are all accessible and free for anyone. This is also available to paid music streaming services like Tidal and Amazon

You can also find this type of sound in other content including sound effects and movie clips. As you listen to these videos with headphones, it is perfectly distinct where you will be able to feel sounds coming from different directions or all around you.


The most amazing sound experience

Any song can become 8D music since the process to convert audio into 8D audio involves techniques that recreate the sound field to create a surround effect. This recreates the effect of coming from different places around the head.

This phenomenon can only be experienced while wearing headphones.

  • You feel like the singers are right next to you and the sound quality is great.
  • It feels like you’re at a live performance and you’re much more immersed in the music, more interesting to listen to than a studio version. 
  • Instead of hearing a regular music that plays a song equally to both your ears, sound mixers edit pre-existing songs to make it sound like the audio is spinning around your head.
  • The sound is not played directly into your ear but it’s around you. 

Put on the headphone and get ready for an amazing experience. During the lockdownthere are many trends circulating through the internet and 8D music has really become popular. This might sound like a gimmick to some. Nonetheless, 8D audio is real and mind-blowing experience. 

So, the next time you find yourself bored, put on some headphones, and go on a mesmerizing journey from the comfort of your own home.