Think of listening to a story or a song where every sound element is distinctly designed using a 3D/8D technology. Immersive audio is created to help the storytelling or a music sound to place the listener right in the middle of the event. Let’s discover why.


The immersive sound

The brain uses a range of signals to locate a sound, the difference in timing of the sound sensed between both ears and the difference of loudness and frequencies. In a manner to highlight each sound and movement, immersive audio is created and have the listener experience which is closer to reality.

Immersive sound adds speakers at the wall or ceiling to create a three-dimensional (3D) effect or a surround sound system.

Immersive audio helps business brands which sound branding connects with user's emotions.  Human brain identifies important information and memorable tunes. It can help recall the happy emotions that brands can offer.

Sound branding matters, it is more powerful than words at times.


The importance of VR audio

An intelligent virtual reality existence will change the customer’s understanding of the brand.

That is why technologies are using Dolby Atmos and headphones that make VR (virtual reality) possible.

VR audio on headphones can be set in three groups:

1. Channel-based such as binaural stereo and 5.1 Surround

5.1 Surround has six channels, which means there are two additional loudspeakers at the back of the listener, as well as a center between left and right, and an LFE-channel (low-frequency effects) for the subwoofer.

A binaural stereo signal is calculated at the right time from the ambisonics signal through the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF), which depends on the user’s point of view.

2. Object-based as Dolby Atmos for example

Sounds are positioned as anywhere within a full 360-degree (3D) space, space without being bound to loudspeaker arrangements or channels.

3. Soundfield-based like Ambisonics

As stated in 2016 Audio Engineering Society International Conference on Audio for VR and AR, using Scene Based Audio (SBA) or Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) is creating an efficient, compelling, and immersive VR audio experience.

Check this out, experience the VR sound test on YouTube and feel the immersive audio yourself!


VR audio in Audiobooks?

Book lovers will be glad to hear audiobooks would take more imaginable experience and enhance the engagement while listening.  It would be possible to hear the best-selling audiobooks of all time in VR audio!

VR audio creates a virtual environment which makes the audio experience a reality and a little more immersive.