In 2020 US audiobook statistics, audiobook sales revenue  reached 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, and this trend is going to continue upward. This revenue development indicates that audiobooks are a quickly growing market. 


Who listens to audiobooks statistically?

A 2021 survey states that just 12 percent of respondents aged 65 or above had listened to an audiobook in 2020, whereas adults aged 18 to 29 years old were significantly engaged with the audio format. Audiobook listeners also tended to be higher among college graduates and high earners.

The same year survey showed that women listening to audiobooks was higher than men, 25 percent of women reported that they had listened to an audiobook in the last year compared to 22 percent of male respondents. 

eBooks are also a little more popular with people 65 years and older, so we might see in this age group, an upcoming audiobook growth. 


The audiobook market and industry 

While the price control is exciting, publishers doing all they can in making audiobooks more interesting. Independent publishers offer over thousands unabridged audiobook titles, focuses on deals and discounts, which allow them to market their audiobooks efficiently.

“Many people read eBooks than listen to audiobooks, the higher price of audiobooks makes them the bigger industry.”

The number of new audiobooks released per year increased immensely, more than 42 thousand in 2019, and more than 71 thousand audiobook titles were published in 2020. All the thrilling developments in the audiobook market are coming from outside Amazon – indies and companies serving the library market as well.


Reading with an audiobook trend

Studies found that learning with a print book leads to better comprehension and retention than using eBooks. But audiobooks along with printed books or eBooks help enhance literacy skills (comprehension, vocabulary, retention, fluency, pronunciation, and phonemic awareness).

According to the APA (Audio Publishers Association) annual consumer research study, 40% of audiobook listeners agree that audiobooks help them get through more books, and 56% of those who listen and read along agree that audiobooks are the preferred format to get through books quickly.

Both eBook and audiobook formats are:

  • Beneficial for people with failing eyesight and with reading disabilities
  • Offering an immersive feel to comprehend a book 

Audiobooks are gaining in popularity among highly active people who listen while at work, gym, chores, travel, or sports. 


Do eBooks come with audiobook format?

There are exemptions, for Kindle Unlimited, there have free access to both the Kindle eBook and Audible audiobook versions of specific titles in their collections.

Users can buy a book and audiobook together, once find the eBook to purchase, it can add Audible book to purchase, and buy both at one time. 


Where to find free audiobooks and eBooks online?

  1. Search for free public domain audio books and eBooks. 
  2. Listen online or download books directly to a digital device. 

Others are ad-free, with best eBooks and audiobooks starting with a free trial for new members.