Great audiobooks depend on the quality of the narration. Even the best writing can be unsuccessful if the narrator fails to bring the true feelings for each word to life. One of the best qualities of audiobooks is that they can bring us back the time when we first introduced to storytelling, when our parents would read to us in bed as we slowly glided off to sleep.

The benefits that audiobook narrators contribute, made from their outstanding talents with genres of books producing great narratives. Paired with a great narrator, books can unfold another fantastic experience.


Accessibility of Audiobooks

Before we begin, consider signing up to audiobook platforms or services you can listen at your convenience.

Check out some best audiobooks narrated by the authors themselves, greatly narrated audiobooks, and the famous narrators of all time. Just download the books to any smart device you already have for your next road trip or let you to multitask that traditional reading would not allow. That could be an enjoyable, funny, and enlightening experience. Heard of any good books recently? We have rounded up some of the best-read audiobooks.


Best Audiobooks Narrated by Authors

Who better tell the story than the authors themselves? We best enjoy audiobooks read by the authors— connect with their comic skill, modulations, and personality bringing each word alive. Here are some of the best audiobooks as it is meant to be heard, narrated by authors.


Books Read by Good Voice Narrators

Each of these narrators does a notable role of character portrayal — often switching between few distinct character voices without a glitch. These books make you feel as if the book acted out right in front of you. Let us explore at the audiobooks read by best narrators and of your favorite actors.


Add Your Favorite Audiobooks to the List!

As a starting point, come up a list with great recommendations to add to the list for you to enjoy. You can listen to free audio samples for over 180,000 titles on Goodreads.

When notable voices collide with famous stories, that would be the best audiobooks of all time! Have your eyes relax and give your ears a treat—with best books read by the author or audiobooks narrated by some of your favorite actors.