Since the storytelling began, the power of the spoken word has been enchanting and engaging kids ever. But research reveals that audiobooks for kids have never been more important. Following the two years of lockdowns and school closures, children have undergone interference to their education and mental wellness. And at the same time, advances in digital technology have provided easier access to audiobooks.


Sound Learning

Audio storytelling introduces pre-readers and developing readers to an enchanting world of a narrative before they can read for themselves. Listening and learning through storytelling can help little ones' early development before they are able to read – especially when supported by family reading time.

  • Audiobooks can be a fun and engaging way to help children develop their listening and learning skills.
  • Listening together as a family offers opportunities for shared literary experiences and a foundation for conversation.
  • Listening allows students to enjoy a good book while multi-tasking: practicing sports, cleaning their rooms, and relaxing on the beach.
  • Listening to and sharing stories is key to improving a child’s early language and literacy development.

Dr. David Rose and Dr. Bridget Dalton reported in their study Learning through Listening in the Digital World in 2007, that “both learning to listen and listening to learn are crucial to literacy in the 21st Century as new technologies restore balance what it means to be literate and to learn.”

A new research review, found that engagement with audiobooks can benefit children's reading skills and enjoyment. Listening alone can expand vocabulary, according to Mary Beth Crosby Carroll, a reading specialist at The Children’s School in Brooklyn, NY.


The benefits of family story time

Audiobooks make it easy to access to stories as a family on the road or at home. With an audiobook, family can listen to stories even life can be hectic. This gives families an opportunity to listen while engaging in other activities, whether it is mealtime or in the car where handling books is not possible.

Listening to or reading a story with your child is a great opportunity to spend quality time together. Sharing stories builds emotional connection and creating memories they will cherish forever.


Here are some tips to bring a love of reading into your child's life.

  1. Model a good reading behavior.
  2. Read together before bedtime.
  3. Read what your child read.
  4. Create a reading corner.
  5. Read with friends.


Finding Good Audiobooks

By unlocking the world of audio, children will develop a passion for reading that will last a lifetime. There is no doubt that the audiobooks they enjoyed as young children will be the stories they treasure as they grow older. 

Some audiobook library contains high-quality, human-read audiobooks complete with highlighted text. This allows readers to follow along with the material while listening to a human voice, increasing engagement, recollection, and comprehension.

Find the perfect book family and little ones enjoy. You can use special tools online to search hundreds of children's book reviews by age, category, and theme.