As a child hears an audiobook, they enter a journey where reading is friendlier and more accessible. Listening to an audiobook for them is more suitable to establish a pattern of concentrating on the sound of words without interruption.

Nothing replaces a parent imparting a book by reading bit-by-bit, however audiobooks provide an excellent alternative. It helps children develop reading skills and give them hours of enjoyment. Check out our new tips to help parents, guardians, and teachers make audiobooks to support children’s literacy at home and inside the classroom. Let us learn first what makes audiobooks great for young children.


Audiobooks Benefit for Children

For certain reasons, audiobooks can boost your child's literacy and listening skills. Here are eight reasons why listening to an audiobook is remarkable for kids:

  1. Audiobooks are super handy, no need to carry around a big and heavy book. Very convenient when on the road or while at home cooking together. Also, have a child listen while cleaning a room or helping with the dishes.
  2. Audiobooks can boost up little one’s reading skills. Following visually while listening can enhance word recognition ability, increases word exposure and critical thinking skills. It help “build and enhance essential literacy skills such as fluency, vocabulary, language acquisition, pronunciation, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills,” according to the Audio Publishers Association.
  3. Audiobooks allow a child to read more difficult books, be able to dig deeper into complicated topics and listen to quality books. Crosby Carroll says that exposure improves comprehension skills, particularly for kids who have reading difficulties. This widens children’s access to books.
  4. There is no stigma in audiobooks. Audiobooks have significant benefits for children who are reluctant or struggling readers. Struggling readers often are unenthusiastic to read for fear of criticism. Audiobooks give children access to stories which they not able to read in print.
  5. Audiobooks build essential listening skills. Children really can read with their ears; this allows them to hear explicit sounds of letters and letter patterns that form words.
  6. Audiobook is entertaining. Kids love listening to stories and find enjoyment of reading, and audiobooks are the perfect storytellers.
  7. Audiobooks support children’s mental wellbeing and emotional intelligence. Researchers saw that regardless of means and method, stories inspire the same cognitive and emotional areas; a very accessible guide in helping parents support their child's emotional growth.
  8. Audiobooks can help parents who may not be confident readers, to share stories with their children. This indicates that family storytelling is accessible.

Research found that the act of reading is multifaceted. It has an explicit skill and the ability to comprehend text that comes from accurate word decoding.


Factors to Consider

Make sure parents, guardians or teachers preview the audiobooks they choose for a child, and consider the following:

  • If narrator’s voice is pleasant, easy to understand, and appropriate for the subject matter.
  • If there is music and keeping with the text or too loud.
  • If sound effects enhance the story.
  • If audiobooks presented by casts, voices appropriate for the ages and personalities of the characters they represent.


Final Thoughts

Audiobooks are great options for young bookworms and enthusiastic new readers. Whether kids want to travel or learn about a new topic, find an audiobook the whole family will enjoy. Listen to a book as a family found to be an important way of getting books into the home. Intensification of smart speakers has facilitated the sharing of stories, with launching services of storytelling apps.