Audiobook sales are growing rapidly. They predicted to overtake sales of e-books in 2020, and in the last year alone, their popularity amongst children increased by 138%. Though this is a worthwhile activity, has anyone tried listening to an audiobook while reading its printed book or e-book as well?


Can you listen to audiobook and read a book at the same time?

You can listen to the audio version while simultaneously having your eyes on the book.

You can switch from reading to listening within the app. You can also switch between reading on one device and listening on the other or you can read on your tablet and then listen on your smartphone.


The benefits of using books and audiobooks at the same time

A study conducted by ERIC Institute of Education Sciences as a preliminary investigation into the potential benefits associated with a new reading application software that facilitates Reading While Listening (RWL). A random experiment conducted to forty-six students enrolled in Grade 3. The preliminary results of this study demonstrate that the RWL app is a promising tool that might improve both reading, comprehension, and fluency of the English language.

Despite various limitations (cultural, technological, and locational limitations), study shows a significant word count per minute improvement in the treatment group compared to the controlled group over a 30-day period of regular use. The research team also focused on two studies within the North American context. The first is a continuation of the abovementioned study that aims to replicate the results with students with greater exposure to technology. The second is to further understand the application’s impact in improving student motivation to read both qualitative and quantitative analysis.


“Reading a book and listening to an audiobook
may potentially improve reading fluency and comprehension.“

Narrating and highlighting text while reading creates an extra connection and immerse user in the story.

  • Boosts engagement and comprehension
  • Taking you deeper into the book
  • Listening while following along with the text helps you to remember correct pronunciation, pacing, and other tones of language.
  • Increase with reading speed
  • Attention does not waver easily, and it forces you to keep concentrating on the book.

Simultaneous reading and listening to texts can push students getting the needed experience in a more efficient and more pleasurable way. The combination of someone reading you a book while following those words helps the reader maintain a directed speed.


Read and Listen

 It is a nice of realizing different sides of a book since the narrator of the audiobook will emphasize different things while reading it. Reading book you are listening to and following along with the narrator, makes a bit more focused while reading.

You can switch between listening to an audiobook and reading on your books. Just have your headphones, simply tap the button, and keep the story on—in the car, gym, or inside the house. Whenever your eyes occupied but your mind is free, your story is ready for listening.