Many people struggle to find time to really immerse in a book. Some have busy lives, manage to finish every book on time. They find an alternative way, by audio book platforms like Audible (owned by Amazon), just listening to it, something they just can’t do with printed book or e-books. According to The Wall Street Journal, audiobooks have ranked as the fastest-growing format in the book business today.

New reading with old storytelling

Audiobooks challenge established practices about reading, but also remind us of the oral cultures of storytelling from which printed books developed. Audiobooks may inspire more readers to stream audiobook platforms. 


When to listen to audiobooks?

Listening to it while driving is yet to be evaluated. Most research on distracted driving has focused on using a cellphone, but driving distractions can include eating while driving, talking with passengers, or listening to music or audiobooks.

Here are some more specific occasions when you can listen to audiobooks: When you are on a walk, doing an exercise routine, or while doing chores at home.


Audiobooks good for the brain

Reading and listening to audiobooks, according to Matthew Traxler, professor of Psychology at the University of California, may engage different pathways in the brain. Listening to audiobooks activate the brain network specialized for auditory processing, while reading a printed book activates the network involved in visual processing. But most psycholinguists (social scientist who studies psycholinguistics, which connects psychology and linguistics) agree that the “mental machinery” involves the need to comprehend the narrative, plot, and characters. From a neurological standpoint, it does not really matter whether you read or listen to the book if you want to build long-term memory and increase comprehension.

Reading requires more active engagement than listening. “Listening can be much more passive, which is readily apparent by how much easier it is to multitask when tuning in to an audiobook,” Traxler says.

Audiobooks offer tons of brain benefits. Read on to learn more about the benefits of audiobooks, making them well worth the listen for your entertainment and health.

As a result, do audiobooks have significance for the brain? Scientists says yes, giving us reasons to find audiobook platforms.