ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder distinguished by trouble in focusing and impulsivity, which may affect a person's overall ability to perform at school or work. Whereas dyslexia a learning disability that affects a person's reading and decoding language, as specified by Verywell Health.

Conforming to WebMD’s report, people with ADHD or dyslexia are disorders that does not have the same symptoms, but both shows difficulty in reading. In previous article, 8D audio in music catches emotions and helps people with ADHD. Thus, will this apply with audiobooks?


Benefits of listening to the right binaural beat

Binaural beats result from hearing two different frequencies in each ear, so headphones are required. In another study, its concluded that binaural beats have the power to transform the brain’s dominant wave frequencies for children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia. A person can achieve a higher state of relaxation, creativity, focus, stress relief, and positive mood.

Advanced technology has successfully linked 8D (binaural beats) and medicine to bring benefits for both doctors and patients. The trending 8D audio technology have amazing benefits - relieves stress and anxiety and few neurodivergent users on YouTube and TikTok have shared that the music is helpful to them. With headphones on, it makes audio or sounds more relaxing.


Audiobooks for better reading and listening

As we have heard, audiobooks can help students become a better reader and a more effective learner. It can be a powerful tool to improve reading, comprehension, and boost confidence.

With headphones on, listening to audiobooks while following along with the text can become a better reader for kids with dyslexia. Audiobooks can help dyslexic persons and with ADHD who read slowly by allowing them to focus on the meaning of what they are reading. Dyslexic person’s listening comprehension may be stronger than their reading comprehension.

By listening, these kids can:

  • Get latest information more efficient
  • Ease frustration
  • Boost confidence
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Make reading more enjoyable for those who struggle with printed text
  • Cultivate motivation
  • Love of stories

Kids with dyslexia and ADHD love books just like any other children. As everyone knows, they have limited time, energy, and focus but given their appetite for new stories, ideas, and information.

The benefits of listening to audiobooks for ADHD and dyslexic children:

  1. Can be a major help to slow learners overcome distracted reading.
  2. Can easily learn how to sound out difficult language properly while focusing on vocabulary and context to develop comprehension, by listening to an audio book while reading along with text form.
  3. Helps children understand narrative structure, develop concentration, cultivate imagination, and promote visualization.
  4. Get access to stories that could be above individual’s reading level.
  5. Expose to rich vocabulary and improve speaking skills.
  6. Build confidence.

All these benefits make audiobooks more appealing and recommended to ages four and older. Though audiobooks cannot replace traditional reading, it can be an innovative and great support for kids’ learning process.