Nowadays, audiobooks are a popular thing for readers because its ideal for multitasking. Even readers do not have the time or energy to read a favorite book, they can just listen to an audiobook. They do something while listening to it. But the thing is, can a reader focus on listening to audiobooks while doing a task?


How to listen to an audiobook effectively

Audiobooks have become a soft option for traditional reading. As we all know, reading is time-consuming especially for intensive learning. Reading is a great hobby--not just for enjoyment or gaining knowledge, but also for mental health. And this applies to audiobooks too.

Tips for listening to audiobooks:

  1. Be clever when multitasking to remain focused.
  2. Choose what type of audiobooks (genres) to listen that fits the mood.
  3. Adjust the narration speed to suit reading preferences.

Mary Harris, the host and managing editor of Only Human, a podcast produced by WNYC Studios in New York that explores stories about health etc. shared listening tips to focus better. For deep listening, “being a good listener” and “get rid of all distractions” mentioned.

You can do an activity that will not distract you and make you focus while listening to audiobooks similar with books. Audiobooks is useful to calm your nerves or to manage your task.


Tasks to do while listening to an audiobook

You need an activity that are simple enough, and these added tasks will help you stay focused. Here are the ideas for settings or things to do while listening to audiobooks.

  1. Going for a walk or jog in the park
  2. At bedtime
  3. While driving
  4. While commuting or travelling
  5. Working out at the gym
  6. Do housework such as cleaning, cooking, baking, gardening, washing the dishes, folding a laundry, and tidying up your room
  7. Walking your dog
  8. Relaxing on the beach
  9. While sipping a cup of coffee in the morning or at a coffee shop
  10. At work or in your home office
  11. While crafting, weaving, or crocheting
  12. Sitting in the park



Listening to audiobooks is fun, above ideas listed can help you avoid distractions and remained focused. Audiobooks have the same benefits of reading—help reduce negative thinking, relax our eyes, give lot of knowledge, and entertainment benefits.

Try an audiobook of your choice!