Science explains why reading before bed will help you sleep better. As stated by the Sleep Foundation Organization, “Reading is one of the ways to get into the right frame of mind for sleep.” Regardless of the pros and cons with reading vs listening, in the previous article we discovered that the words activate the same brain regions with the same intensity, regardless of input – reading a book or listening to an audiobook. This article could contain audiobook’s secret to getting a good night’s sleep.


Reading at bedtime

Bedtime reading is one of life's simple pleasures despite our busy routines. Its has been an effective method for many, a way to get away from pressures of the day while relaxing the mind. But it also requires effort, concentration, and a little self-discipline – but what will it be easy?

Watching, reading email, or surfing the net can negatively affect you, hence, audiobooks have science-backed supplement aims to boost memory and cognitive function.

A person who worked on the production of the tales said, that numbers of people using audiobooks as part of their bedtime routine continues to rise, and sleep health have been a growing trend.

Combining the traditional reading of a relaxing bedtime story with new audio technology, this offers a new way to face sleeplessness. Audiobooks team launched tales, a new series of stories for both adults and children that have developed with The Sleep Council.

These tales sound different from ordinary audiobooks; peaceful natural landscapes, soothing sounds such as rainfall, lapping waves, and other natural elements - calming experiences for the listener. These specific sound effects have selected from a 2014 survey by The Sleep Council. This designed to help the brain to switch off from other thoughts.

Other significant differences:

  • Recording of tales or voice-over is more challenging than traditional audiobooks
  • The tempo and delivery of the stories are gentler and relaxed
  • No beginning, no climax, and end

‘A consistent bedtime routine and make sufficient time to relax, is key to achieve a good night’s sleep. Listening to an audiobook is one way to relax before bed as it helps you to switch off,’ Sleep adviser Lisa Artis from The Sleep Council says.


Things to do while listening to audiobooks

How a reader listens to audiobooks without distractions? Here are two things:

  1. Lay down

Audiobooks are an excuse to lay idly in bed, but the only issue with this is listener will fall asleep in twenty minutes.

  1. Before bed

Audiobooks have timers, listeners can set it to stop playing after a specific time to fall asleep. If fall asleep before the timer runs out, play back the next day.


List of ten soothing and best bedtime audiobooks to listen to:

From Audible

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Book 1 Audiobook by J.K. Rowling
  2. Becoming Audiobook by Michelle Obama
  3. Mythos Audiobook by Stephen Fry
  4. Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection Audiobook by Arthur Conan Doyle & Stephen Fry
  5. In Search of Black History with Bonnie Greer
  6. Grown Ups Audiobook by Marian Keyes
  7. Why We Sleep Audiobook by Matthew Walker
  8. Matilda Audiobook by Roald Dahl
  9. Wolf Hall Audiobook by Hilary Mantel
  10. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine Audiobook by Gail Honeyman

Want to try? Find next bedtime story for falling asleep, from mindful meditations to tales.