One of the most important questions that people ask: which one is better – reading or listening to books? Amazingly, individuals have different preferences and ideas. Though many individuals love to read books, many prefer listening to books due to many reasons.

In this article, we will concentrate on different aspects of how reading and listening to books affects a user.


Reading Advantages

  1. Reading exercises the brain, improves literacy, and increases general knowledge.
  2. Reading improves concentration and the ability to focus. Reading is more engaging; it is just reader and the book.
  3. Reading improves sleep.
  4. Reading is motivational and sets a positive example.
  5. Reading reduces stress and teaches empathy

In reading, readers have more of a tendency to get distracted or might reread few sections of the book. Also, readers cannot read a book while driving, gardening, walking, running, doing housework, and so forth.


Advantages of Using an Audiobook

  1. Audiobook improves pronunciation and fluency.
  2. Audiobooks can be entertaining, soothing, and altogether enjoyable.
  3. Audiobook help users to relax their eyes. Find less mentally fatigued when listen to audiobooks as compared to reading the same book.
  4. Audiobook helps to improve time management despite hectic schedules, gives time and convenience as users can listen to books while traveling or doing housework.
  5. Provides emotional response, listening to audiobooks get to hear the narrator narrating the story aloud, clear with all the emotions in it, hear the ironies or emotions when a person speaks. Audiobook gives a live experience of the plot and characters.

If you are unable to read but have time to listen to audiobooks, an audiobook will give you the same advantages as reading the hard copy.


Similar Advantages

According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, stories stimulated the same cognitive and emotional areas in the brain, whether they are read or listened to. Listening to audiobooks may provide similar comprehension and understanding like that of the story books. The human brain gets equal benefit from visual reading and listening. 



Though reading and listening both have pros and cons, it completely depends on one’s personal choice. The bottom line is--audiobook and a traditional book can have an equal impact on brain.

If reader wants to complete a book faster and giving undivided attention to the book, then reading is the best way. On the contrary, if reader wants to complete the book while doing other stuffs, then listening to audiobooks is the best way and much more convenient.

Overall, listening to audiobooks is getting more popular these days due to the fast-paced technology. Readers will have to choose which one they like the most and get start!