It is more important to give ourselves little things in these troubled and complex times—a hopeful and fun moments to look forward to. Whether you are looking for a new audio drama or audio storytelling to add to your library, we have compiled listening recommendations for you. Below are guides to help you find what you are looking for.


Looking for new stories to listen

While you may not be able to see exciting new movies to release, there are new stories to listen to experience a new adventure! In audio drama or audio storytelling, there are great stories and series bring to life—fascinated by it! 

  • Author’s brilliant writing style
  • Actor’s amazing performances 
  • An advance audio format crafted with the new spatial audio (8D)


Brilliant Authors

Some books are worth listening even if you have already read them. Writers take the genre to a new level. Listening to great stories are a great way to feel some impression of order in a hectic world. There are clues for you to solve along, best mysteries that may surprise you, and often stories disrupt expectations. So, authors excel at providing a satisfying story while offering up a little something extra.


Actor’s storytelling

Storytelling is trying to tell someone else's story, and to engage an audience while actors are doing it. They are artistically unique, thought its incredibly moving, and a great way to capture the complexities of the story. Here are some:

  • Comedies with horror elements
  • Thrillers that focus on memory and identity
  • Family dramas 
  • Memoirs that explore racism from a personal perspective
  • Mysteries that challenge perception 
  • Romantic tales of life, love, loss, and music
  • Fiction about motherhood, parenting, and survival
  • Autobiographies that explore Hollywood life 


Advance Audio Format

Listening in the time of advance technology—sound surrounds, pulls the listener in, and gives a sense of space.

“Advance audio format completely mesmerized listeners 
and hooked on stories.”

Storytelling with sound effects or design is to draw people in, and these ideas can affect everything from scriptwriting. 



Prefer to listen before you add to your library, check out this combination based on your favorite genres.