8D audio technology is trending right now online. It is the new trend of sound to listen only with headphones. It will be the first time to listen to songs with your brain and not with your ears. Feel the effects of this modern technology that music is from outside and not from the headphones. With this surround effect, does 8D audio possesses spatial sound and binaural beats?


Is binaural beats 8D?

8D audio is basically binaural effect. Binaural beat is an auditory effect caused by hearing two tones of a little different frequency in each ear. Added to it is tricking the listener’s brain into an impression that sound comes from various locations or around the listener’s head as listening to live music.

Binaural beats thus hear tones in each ear with slightly different frequencies and is really the same thing as 8D audio.

As stated by Healthline, listening to surround binaural beats decreases anxiety, increases focus, and improves mood.

Researchers claim that:

1. Played binaural beats in the alpha frequencies (8 to 13 Hz) believed to encourage relaxation, stimulate positivity, and reduce anxiety.

2. Binaural beats in the lower beta frequencies (14 to 30 Hz) linked to improve concentration and alertness, problem solving, and boost memory.


Is spatial audio 8D?

Spatial audio enables the listener to hear three-dimensional audio. It effectively recreates a cinematic style experience, where sounds are appeared to be coming from all around you - front, behind, side, and even above your head.

8D audio allows the listener feel musicians play their instruments while moving around. It is a 360-degree sound experience that you can hear the sound travels.

Audio engineers refer 8D music as spatial sound. It best observed through 7.1 system, Dolby Atmos supported system, or supported videos that follow the movement of your iPhone or iPad.


The Viewpoint

8D audio uses the principles of binaural recording and spatial sound to trick the listener’s brain into thinking that sounds are coming from various places in three-dimensional space. When a song played, it can create the impression that listener is standing in the middle of a room or a concert hall while musicians and singers magically “move around” you.

Here are notable examples of 8D with binaural beats and spatial sound that you can find online.

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