If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health condition called ADHD or emotional health conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety; it’s possible you experience certain level of stress each day.

According to WHO, approximately 280 million people in the world have depression with an estimated 3.8% of the population affected. Hence, music therapy is a sound medicine for ADHD and binaural music has been proven beneficial to mental health issues. Have you heard of 8D audio songs? How is it related to binaural music? Can 8D music technology helps with this health-related issue?


8D Audio and Binaural Music

Binaural music is a type of music where you hear sounds with different frequencies for both ears – which is basically very similar to 8D audio. All you need to experience binaural music is a binaural beat audio and a pair of headphones.

Research studies have supported binaural beats can reduce anxiety, increase focus and concentration, reducing stress, increase relaxation, foster positive moods, promote creativity, and help manage pain. Proving it leads to better sleep and aiding brain function.


8D Health Benefits

8D Audio music can help the person lowers stress level and become more relaxed for sleep. Studies suggest a stress-reducing effect of natural or relaxing sounds. Basically, the 8D audio sound is created with an automated panning effect altering the volume of one or the other so that the sound is more prominent on one side or another. With 8D audio, this revolving audio composition creates the feel of moving circles around your head. Engaging both sides of your brain, instantaneously boosts your ability to solve problems because you’re using the creative left side and the logical right side of your brain at the same time.

By listening to 8D audio with headphones, listener may notice the movement of the music from the left to right side and back. The simple and precise answer is that listening to 8D music can always help to reduce anxiety.

While there are no scientific findings for persons with ADHD, a few neurodivergent users on YouTube and TikTok have shared that the music is helpful to them.


Is 8D Audio Dangerous?

8D Audio is not dangerous if you listen to it at a certain range. The sound in 8D music alters between the left and right ear. You may consider the following:

  • The most relaxed audio range is 85dB (decibels) and below, person can listen to any music and neither hurt the ear nor damage hearing.
  • Loud noise or over 85 decibels have negative affect or cause hearing loss. So, turn down the volume at a reasonable level.


The Conclusion

The trending 8D music technology have lots of amazing benefits. It makes audio or sounds more relaxing. The benefit, it helps relieve stress and anxiety. Furthermore, 8D music offers immersive experience by making a person feel as if he’s in a new dimension, such as a live concert.

However, you need to listen to the sounds using headphones and not speakers. Listen at a certain range and use noise-canceling earbuds for better results.

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