Heard of “8D audio? When you listen to them with headphones, it creates sound effects come from different places, so you hear it in your brain and not on your ears.  The power of 8D immersed in video games, virtual reality, music playlists, and advertising.

One research study states that audio books can boost mental health. Is there a possibility that we can use the 8D audio technology in audiobooks? Let’s find out.


Advantages of 8D in audiobooks

8D audio have enormous potential to tell stories. Imagine how incredible it would be to listen the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings is a timeless classic consisting of the three books; The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers & The Return of the King. Think of the setting while you hear swords clashing, arrows buzzing, and orcs coming,   

Other potential books in 8D audio are historical, war, or horror novels. Imagine while the story is read by the narrator and listening to 8D sound effects. The story will surely capture the listener’s attention, much more interesting to listen to a story with more voices or effects.

8D audio alters different parameters of the audio to trick our brain. Our brain uses time gap, the variation of sound and frequencies to identify the location of sound source. If these limits are improved, the brain understand that sounds come from different places.


Amazing Benefits of Audiobooks

Audiobooks are very beneficial for people with print and learning disabilities. This also covers people with visual impairment, emotional health conditions, or other physical disability.


According to GladReaders, here are some benefits of listening to audiobooks:

1. It improves pronunciation and fluency

2. Helps to improve time management

3. Builds critical listening skills

4. It improves focus and attention span

5. It improves memory

6. Builds critical thinking and improves comprehension skills

7. You get an interesting and lively experience of the story

8. Audiobooks are highly beneficial for people with visual impairments

9. It helps develop empathy

10. It boosts our mental health


The Wrap-Up on 8D Audio

Technology advances a lot, 8D audio in videos transport the viewer to a sensory tour of the exceptional sights and sounds. Listening to 8D music can always help to reduce anxiety.  Audiobooks are very beneficial for mental and emotional health. Who tells, we can listen to audiobooks in 8D anytime soon!