Are you an audiophile or a music lover and wants to hear something new? You might listen to 3D tracks of popular songs on YouTube that gave a surround sound effect.


New technology created the 8D sound effects with a special reverb tool that makes the audio sound moving around the listener’s head by putting the headphones on.


Listeners describe the 8D audio experience as the mind-blowing sound that is moving around their heads. They surprisingly feel it’s like they’re in a “live” concert or performances.


Reviewers say that this sound effect existed as early as the 1970s and was called Ambisonics audio. It is produced by recording a 3D (three-dimensional) sound using real or virtual microphones coming from different directions.


Musicians or sound engineers might have heard the recent trend about “8D” audio which is gaining in popularity as a surround sound and binaural format.


Sound engineers provide a state-of-the-art solution for producing and mixing sounds for advanced surround sound formats.  Whether it is destined for Ambisonics/8D audio, surround sound, or VR/AR audio production. 8D audio has been produced with the latest audio technology to provide an engaging experience to the listeners.


Here are the samples dedicated to 8D sound taken from YouTube. These are the music or sound that feels from outside and not from the headphones-enjoy!

“Use headphones and close your eyes for the amazing experience.”


8D Music/beats to relax or study:


This one is particularly good, going viral with 8D sound:


Relaxing sounds for deep sleep, meditation, yoga, or stress relief:


The 8d audio sound gives:

1. Awesome listening experience

2. Relaxing and focusing thoughts

3. Helps to create another dimension

4. Controlling brainwaves

5. Relieving a person into a deep sleep


It will work with any speakers but listening with headphones will give you the best listening experience. Make sure to turn the volume down and let it flow into your ears. Listening to a loud sound for a long time will be too distracting and can harm the ears.