Recently, the greatest audio and music trends that emerged is 8D audio.  List of recorded songs or pieces of music dedicated to this type of sound are everywhere from YouTube to Spotify, and the list is growing. Audiophiles, artists, and producers are transforming top hits and classic favorites to 8D versions.

8D audio music is trending right now on TikTok. You hear viral music trend taking it by storm.  Discover short videos related to 8d audio and also find out 8D audio’s popular videos. Why its influence goes beyond the music production, and now to other industries? Let’s find out.


8D Audio on Headphones

Audio from conventional stereo directs sound to the left and right speaker channels. The 8D effects on headphones create like the sound is in space so you hear it in your brain and not your ears.

  • It makes audio more relaxing.
  • It makes you feel like you are in the middle of a live performance.
  • The sensory effect will definitely make the listeners or viewers feel as if they are present at the locations in real time.

According to Panasonic, it has an amazing experience on modern pair of stereo headphones or lightweight earphones.


8D Audio for PC and Console Games

The power of 8D audio effect boosts gamers to really get into the atmosphere of what they are playing. Another notable use of 8D audio is in virtual reality (VR) technology.

8D sound is quite focusing on video games and virtual reality. This type of sound is known as ambisonics or three-dimensional 360-degree audio.



8D Audio for Advertising

Apart from music playlists and virtual reality, 8D audio is used to take viewers on a sensory tour of the exceptional sights and sounds. Forgetting 3D to explore Australia, Australia’s tourism offer 8D sound and sensory experience to travel their awe-inspiring locations.

Real estate websites also use 8D audio to create a fuller experience for their visitors. A great way of showcasing a property aside from the usual photos and videos, integrating 8D music and sounds in a 360-degree virtual tour. These audio effects will make site’s design and content more immersive. With 8D, it can bring viewers to the site no matter where they are.

In taking more advantage of 8D audio trend, the iconic sound of car engine was created. Experience a different interactive way, the first Toyota Corolla Cross launch in 8D audio recorded in a binaural recording. Also encounter the iconic sound of Lamborghini sports car in 8D sound.  Viewers and listeners all over the world were able to enjoy this awesome event and it earned millions of views.

Further, 8D audio in music and sound is on demand and rising. An amazing experience with headphones, what do you think?