When it comes to audio, the more features the better. 3D, 4D, 5D are getting higher and better for more advanced version of sound technology. In movies, music, game, and also in audiobooks. The most interesting is if you spend time on YouTube, you will see titles with ‘8D Audio’. Is the sound 8 dimensional? And why do 8D videos or tracks always say ‘put the headphones on’?

First, we need to unravel what 8D is and how it works.


What is 8D Audio?

8D audio is basically an effect applied to a track where songs have been edited with spatial effect and mixing to make the sound like it’s being played around your head.

Would be the first moment that you will listen to a sound around your head and not with your ears. Feel the effects from outside and not from the headphones of this new technology.

8D audio uses the rules of binaural beat to trick the human brain into the idea that sounds are coming from different places in three-dimensional space. It can generate thoughts of standing in the middle of a room, a gym, or a concert hall while the musicians are greatly performing around you.


Why use headphones?

With a pair of speakers, both ears hear equal speakers at the same time. This prevents the brain from reading accurate locations for sounds. For regular headphones, they have two physical channels, the left and right. The listener can choose a specific sound to be played by one or the other headphone.

With 8D audio, this rotating audio structure mimics the feel of moving circles around the listener’s head, fully engaging the sound quality experience.

The 8D audio result is like the one who feel walking through the streets with headphones on. Audio apparently comes from all sources and directions. Making it feel more emotive than regular listening.


How 8D audio works?

For some people, 8D audio and 8D music are examples of advanced technology making its way into our entertainment progression, but indeed, 8D has been a part of the musical world for a long time.

Producers and audio engineers have developed a multi-dimensional audio map that determines where the sound comes from in relation to the listener. This audio mapping is the formula on how 8D audio works.


Where to check 8D audio?

Try it out on YouTube and make sure you’re wearing headphones. Check what’s on 8D with the latest music, trailers, movies, clips, and the whole lot more that are trending right now.

It is also the best spot your favorite artists using 8D Audio. A technique that uses powerful audio effects. That feels that the sound is coming from a person’s head instead from headphones.

You can also find 8D music and 8D audio on popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud.