People are turning to and keep them occupied in 8D audio-the viral audio sensation as it is blowing everyone's minds.


Why is it called 8D audio?

The term 8D does not mean eight dimensions in audio production. The idea of 8D audio is based on recording effects which manipulate the music. Moreover, producers edited stereo tracks with a reverb effect that gives the audio new features that turns music much different than the original. It sounds like the listener is in the middle of a large room or a concert hall and feels the music moving around.

Music in 8D, is a type of surround sound that produces an exceptional experience when listening with headphones or earphones, producing sounds coming from all directions like the virtual reality (VR).


Does 8D audio hurting your ears?

As stated by CDC:

“The noise or sound above 70 dB (decibel) over a prolonged period may start to damage hearing. Loud noise above 120 dB can cause immediate harm to ears. “

Sound is measured in decibels. A soft whisper is about 30 dB, normal conversation is about 60 dB, and an approaching subway train is about 100 dB.

You are aware that most devices with a loud sound can harm your ears. Eventually, personal listening devices should be comfortable to the listener. Listening at a comfortable sound level should be safe for an unlimited amount of time, yet it is important to balance the duration of use. High volume sound can cause permanent damage to ear cells, which interrupts the sound transmission.


Where to find 8D music?

There are ways to listen to 8D audio as simply exploring YouTube and other music platforms in 8D. You can choose whichever you like with these points to consider:

  • Music in 8D audio feels like sounds are in your brain.
  • Put on a headphone or an earphone for an amazing 8D sound experience.
  • For earbuds, it is better to listen to 8D audio with a noise-cancelling feature. They are good for blocking outside sounds.

Scientists have found that when listeners were exposed to pleasurable music rather than neutral music releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that plays important role for pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. Uplifting songs is exactly about certain songs that boost our mood. That leads to try and figure out what components make a happy song.

These happy songs in 8D audio are particularly good, in upbeat and major key.

Whatever your music choice is, 8D audio songs stimulate emotional and psychological response.