Researchers have discovered that some people experience dizziness when they hear a particular sound including musical sound. Does 8D audio makes certain people feel dizzy and nauseous?


All about 8D

As far as one can tell, the term 8D audio does not mean eight dimensions in audio production. It works by editing audio tracks with reverb effect and uses the binaural recording principle to produce a multi-dimensional sound.

What is special with 8D is it make the listeners feel they are in a live performance, where sounds move all around, and even above their head. It can create the illusion that the listener is standing in the middle of a room or a concert hall.

8D audio only works with headphones as it moves from left headphone to the other side and vice versa. This tricks the brain that sounds are coming from various locations.


Does 8D audio harmful?

8D music creators use software to manipulate sections of a track or song, placing, and moving it within a virtual 360-degree space. That tricks the brain into thinking the listener is in a bigger space, making them feel the sounds are coming from different directions.

8D audio is not dangerous to brain and has no adverse effect on humans. Like any other music or audio, it is safe to listen at a reasonable volume. On the contrary, listeners can experience relaxation, stress relief, and boost their mood from 8D audio.

8D audio is not dangerous if you listen at a reasonable level.

Audio becomes harmful to ear when it is listened at loud volumes, also in 8D. It advised to keep the sound below 85dBA. Any sound above 85dBA is more possible to damage hearing over time. Researchers have found that people who exposed in prolonged periods of time to noise levels higher than 85dBA are at greater risk for hearing loss.

Does 8D audio makes the listener dizzy?

The answer is No. Here are possible reasons why:

1. If 8d sound mixed poorly, it can make the listener feel nauseous or even dizzy.

2. The inner ear misses the ability to balance sound.


Last Idea

Online platforms that have 8d audio and 8D music for streaming:

These popular playlists filled with impressive 8D tracks. Good to listen whether at work, relax, or study. Specifically, to keep focus.