YouTube trends for 8D music streaming, which can only achieve by wearing headphones to experience the audio moves in circles around the listener’s head.


8D Audio in Virtual Reality (VR)

Another remarkable use of 8D audio is in VR technology. Similar to video games, 8D audio technique elevates VR experience through multiple sound layers and sources to see things through a device come alive.


8D Audio in Video Games

Aside from the popular music playlists, 8D music and sound is also in console games. This audio effect benefits gamers to really get into the environment of what they are playing.

Particularly, the focus of 8D sound is video games and virtual reality. This type of sound is known as ambisonic or three-dimensional (3D) audio.

3D audio effect appeared in the 1990s in PC and game consoles. This technique has also incorporated in music and video-game style music video arts. The Audioscape research project provides musicians with a real-time 3D audiovisual content rendering and authoring situation for live performance applications.

The leading video bingo company innovates with the latest generation of 8D audio technology applied to its products.

“Feel the sound from outside and not through earplugs. For the first time you will listen with your brain and not with your ears.”

Zitro a leader of innovations in the gaming industry introduces new Dragon Lamp system with impressive 8D sound technology.   They are now proving the state-of-the-art 8D technology.

Play 8D music with Any Phones

Headphones reproduce better quality sound with more detail. An interesting point of 8D music aside from headphone--any phone can have the spatial experience of this style.

8Dimension is a music player that plays songs with 8D audio effect. This app automatically adds spatialization effects to songs in Media Library, enhance listening experience.

Spatial audio is a technique to make the listener to perceive the sound coming from any desired position, also known as 3D audio.


Applications beyond augmented and virtual reality devices:

  • Listening to stereo music
  • Watching movies with surround sound
  • Gaming

Also, 8D Music app has collection of famous 8D songs. A new way of listening songs that sound surrounds (360-degree sound effects) with the use of headphones for best 8D sound experience.

Sit back, relax, feel, and experience 8D audio like you have entered another dimension.