Music tricks the brain and many people use technology for new trend sound experience. People have been creating distinctive interpretations of in demand music for centuries, from classical period to modern and electronic music. 
Artistic developers and producers maneuver the audio track, making you feel like the sounds are coming from different directions. From AR, VR, 3D, and one of the newest of these is 8D Audio. 

But what is 8D Audio, and how is it special in music?
8D audio is a surround music - multidimensional sound experience, relaxing experience that can carry you to another dimension. A cool strategy that takes an existing song coming from different places in three-dimensional space, creating an effect where the music feels like it continuously moves around the listener. 
When you listen to an 8D track with headphones, it feels that you are passing near a concert. Different parts of the recording reach one ear before the other throughout the song.  

How Does 8D Audio Affects the Brain?
Binaural play two different tones at very similar beats, one in each ear of your headphones. The result is that the brain tricks itself into hearing an imaginary third tone, the difference in frequency between the two real tones.
Binaural beats create an effect like 8D audio or in a three-dimensional space with the music or sounds moving all around you.
A recent study found that Binaural beat can alter emotion and behavior, could be effective for:
    self-control
    attention
    willingness
    performance

Assists Medical Field for ADHD
In another study, children suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were concluded that binaural beats have the power to alter the brain’s dominant wave frequencies. 
Benefits of listening to the right binaural beat:
•    A person can achieve a higher state of relaxation, creativity, or focus.
•    Neurodivergent people reported of several benefits including relaxation, stress relief, and positive mood.
While others aren’t sure yet how 8D audio works, music processed in a similar way has a positive effect on people’s brains. That could analyze why people have positive reactions to 8D tracks.
Advanced modern technology has successfully connected 8D and medicine in order to bring several benefits for both doctors and patients. 

Forget 3D and Thinking a Bigger Space 
Although anyone can create an 8D music, most of these mixes on the internet are more popular songs.
As the production may take hard work, tools to make 8D audio are quickly available, allowing producers to simply create tracks. Because of the internet, producers come from many different countries, and tracks spread worldwide. 
Several recording processes and techniques created by the talented and artistic people plus a pair of headphones, a new breed of tools is ever expanding on the pro audio market.